Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Worth the Mess

I am totally a fan of letting kids get messy - they love it, you make fun memories, and really, is it that hard to clean up? I found a fun list on pinterest (that site is so incredibly amazing, addicting, and dangerous) which you can find here: Fun & Easy Activities for Kids Ages Newborn - 5 years - it will open to the Cornmeal Play activity (which you will see is what we experimented with) and on the left you can open up lists for different ages.

I just bought a package of cornmeal and poured some into a plastic bin with some spoons and measuring cups, etc. and Ben LOVED it! He was practically leaping out of Jon's arms when he saw me on the ground with it..

He then climbed into the box which was so funny!

It was so fun because he was actually playing with it. He did try to taste a few times, but it wasn't like he was shoveling it in - like he has done with sand before. He would put handfuls into the cup and then take it out. I was going to post a few more videos of him doing that sort of thing, but one, they take too long to load and two, I'm sure I'm way more entertained by them than anyone else. :)
This is so fun mommy!!

This picture is the exact reason why messes are worth it to me! He was having a ball! :)

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