Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Nights

I love summer, and I especially love summer nights. I like being able to walk around in the evening in a tank top and not be cold and I really love that it stays light so long. We took advantage of this tonight (technically yesterday because I am posting so late) and took a family walk.

First cream! Yum!
How sweet is that little ice cream mustache?! So, I have been trying my best to keep Ben away from "junk food" as long as possible - but ice cream, c'mon that is a summer staple! ;)
 We then saw a puppy that we were allowed to pet and Ben was overjoyed! He loves animals and it was so fun to see him giggling and squealing with delight over this dog!


We then stopped and looked at some fountains outside of the hardware shop...and maybe splashed in them a little.

A stop at the playground was a much more exciting detour than we were expecting..
Ben was thrilled with the spinning gears!

The slide was a big hit! My heart just melts looking at this face!

Rather than sliding down he thought it was great fun to climb up and laughed when he would eventually slip and slide back down. In the video below you can see that he actually started to try to walk up the slide!
He then spotted an airplane..we saw several on the walk home. He is getting really good at spotting them - he saw one that was pretty much a little speck in the sky.
We practiced our walking in shoes - his preferred mode of transportation right now is bare feet.
Tried out the rocking firetruck. Mainly wanted to get off of it, then get back on, get the point.
Then he helped push the stroller home.
All tuckered out after a fun night! He sleeps on his stomach 99% of the time but fell asleep pretty much the moment I set him down, which is rare for him.

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