Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Starting Traditions

I already mentioned that I love summer nights and I am a huge fan of the beach so what could be better than a summer night ON the beach plus add in some fun music and I am a happy camper! :) Capitola is one of our favorite beaches. A big reason is that it feels very family friendly. We discovered last year that they do concerts every Wednesday night during the summer and went to about three last year with our brand new little bundle of joy!
Here is Ben last year on his first trip to the beach at 2 weeks old! Oh how I miss that tiny little face!
Here is the adorable little man a year later! Now, walking all over the beach!

Spotted the birds!
Hunting down the birds - look at that sneaky smile!

Sand in my snack cup is a casualty I'm willing to take.

Watching the birds
SO excited about the birds!!

I think this will be one of our family traditions during the summer! :)
Back at the car I realized Ben's food pouch had gotten squeezed into my hair when I picked him up - purple carrot, blueberry & pear - Yum! :P
Favorite part of the night - he held my hand on the car ride home and would bring it up to his cheek. Melt. my. heart.

Just found this one on Jon's phone - I love this kiddo soooooooooooo much it's ridiculous!

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