Friday, July 20, 2012

A Park Day

Today was a Park Day - we went to the park with our best buds at lunch and then went to one of the neighborhood ones with Daddy after dinner.

Wrestling with the boys before heading to the park.
Ben giving Cole some loves.
Having fun in the water at the park
Celebrating the big fountain shooting up!

Trying to catch the bubbles!
We brought the bubbles into the kitchen to play with our cornmeal box which we added beans to. :)
This is Ben's big lion beanbag/pillow that he loves to snuggle. When we first got it I demonstrated that it was "so soft" by laying my head down on it and he used to smash his face down on it like I did whenever he passed it. He doesn't do it too often anymore but I caught a shot of it today.
Feeding Daddy some dinner.

We spotted a lizard on our walk! Up on the right.
Ben was mesmerized with these girls playing that the park. 

 Funny moment with the girls:
Girl 1: She's really cute.
Girl 2: Is the baby a girl or a boy?
Me: He's a boy.
Girl 1: She's so cute!
Girl 2: (whispering) It's a boy.
Girl 1: She's a boy?!
Girl 2: (whispering) You say he

We meet again! Same puppy we saw on our walk a couple of weeks ago in the "Summer Nights" post.
This park had fun chimes attached to the bars.
My sweet little musician. :)

Sweet boy! He had a ton of fun on the tunnel slide and even went down head first a few times (his choice).

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