Friday, July 20, 2012

Music to My Ears

We went back to Capitola for the music night again this week, and brought friends!
Trompin' along - last week was freezing so we brought him in footed PJs to stay warm and of course this week was much nicer.  Oh well, it did cool down and those are stinkin' cute jammies!

 What?! Do I have something on my face?
Playing with berries in the sand..yum.
sand + raspberries + sweet potatoes = an adorable mess!
 He was a bit too happy to pounce on the girls' sand tower - they were very gracious with him!

Family Love!!! <3
Trying out Daddy's glasses

 Darren photo bombing our precious moments...
Woah...that was weird! Hahahahaha.
Playing Peek-a-boo with Daddy!

We love the beach!!!

 I'll be honest and admit...I do not like vegetables and I am horrible at eating them! I am trying really hard to get better for my kids and am shoveling them down Ben's throat. For dinner tonight I grinded up peppers and carrots and put them in the already veggie sauce for the pizza and then added grinded up cauliflower to the cheese.
 Sure, adding all of the cheese and BBQ sauce that went with the shredded chicken made the nutritional value go down, but it was better than without the added veggies and I used whole wheat dough! :) I'm trying people..

 We then brought our pizza to a music in the park night in Mountain View. I saw that the fun band from last week's Capitola concert was playing at this park and it was a great excuse to get outside for another fun summer night.
Peanut butter pizza face! Love those cheeks!!!
We found the playground!

 He had not been much of a fan of going down slides until tonight. He was lovin' it and even went down by himself a couple of times.

AH! I adore this child!
What wonderful summer nights filled with music and fun! :)

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