Monday, July 9, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

I LOVE being out in nature! It makes my heart happy. Yesterday we had the great opportunity of going with some of our good friends to Point Lobos. It is a state park that is just south of Monterey. It is a beautiful place and if you ever have a chance I would highly recommend going! Jon and I have been there a few times and have explored more of the park each time but we had previously only stayed in one area of the park. This time we went to a few other areas and were very pleasantly surprised. One area, China Cove, is one of my new favorite spots - it feels as if you are in Hawaii!
Here are some pictures of our very fun day...
Our friends that came with us sitting at one of my favorite places in the park - a bench that faces the ocean.
Starting our hike.
Group shot

I love the moss on the trees!

Can you tell what a magical place this must be to walk around in??
So much beauty everywhere!
This was in an area called Hidden Beach. We had a lot of fun looking at all of the different rocks.
Ben was very excited to play with the rocks..and taste them of course.
Jenny was really great with Ben. He loves those girls.
With Daddy! :)
With mommy about to head down to China Cove. 
We had a spontaneous photo shoot with Darren and Julie! :)
Yay for being at the beach!

Not so sure about the was gorgeous but absolutely freezing!
Playing in the sand with the girls.
Ooooh! What's this?!
Very happy boy!! I love that smile!
Very cool bridge overlooking Gibson Beach
Ben's first visit to Dennis the Menace Park!
Fun on the slides!
Peek a Boo!
What a fun day!!!

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