Saturday, July 7, 2012

Precious Moments

This was my original post from yesterday.

Now that I have a son there are so many precious moments throughout my day that I wish I could capture and remember forever. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of it on film but a lot of times it is something that is not possible to catch with a camera. Either because cameras are just not fast enough to catch that exact moment or because part of the reason the experience is so precious is that you are soaking in the moment not pausing to grab your camera. I get really sad sometimes thinking of all of the precious moments that were so dear to my heart at the time but have now faded into the abyss that is now my mommy brain.

I have contemplated starting a blog for a while now, more for myself to have an excuse to record these moments and as a way to share memories and stories with family and friends. For those that know me, they know I love all things crafty, and I would love to post some of that stuff on here but it will mainly be about my experiences as a mom.

To start here are some moments from our day today...

One of my very dear friends and roommates from college came and stayed the night with us last night. Here is her son pushing Ben in the stroller. I sure wish we lived closer to each other!

Ben loves his books! I moved them up onto the shelf and out of the fabric boxes they had been in to make room for all of his new birthday toys so here he is standing on his tiptoes to get his books.

We had to take Ben unexpectedly to the doctor this evening - he had two fingernails that looked broken at the nail bed. The first doctor called in another doctor for a second opinion and that doctor had no idea what it was either because it was obvious that there was no trauma done to the nail. I was beginning to feel a bit freaked out with the talk of getting into the dermatologist and the doctor pulling strings to get us in faster and the fact that these doctors did not know what was wrong. I happened to mention that he had hand, foot, and mouth disease last month and the doctor all of a sudden remembered that she had heard that was a new somewhat rare after effect of the virus (so bizarre) and she then proceeded to look it up online and sure enough that seemed to be exactly was Ben was experiencing. So, moms, if any of your little ones get HFMD in the near future (which it is apparently spreading like wildfire) and their fingernails look to be coming off (horrible I know) don't panic, that is what it is from. Anyway, as you can see from the pictures above we decided that if you are going to have to go to the doctor you may as well have some fun! We looked at fish in the waiting room, played on the super cute nautical themed play area outside of pediatrics (which I just discovered, Ben sees my family practice doctor and our other urgent care trips I guess were when it was dark), we splashed in the water while waiting for the doctor and read books! Besides squawking at getting poked and prodded (who wouldn't?) he had a grand time!

Despite the lack of a smile (hey, he's at the doctor's office) I love this picture with the sun in his curls and his delicious cheeks!

We then had dinner at The Melt - a restaurant entirely based on grilled cheese (or as my close friends know -  I say greeeeled cheese - or maybe just ABS knows that ;) ) sandwiches- ummmm..yes please!! One of my favorite meals is grilled cheese and tomato soup - wa-la! They also make their own chips.

Ben enjoyed my pickle- very relaxed with his foot up! :)

Then we ended with some lion cuddles on the ride home.

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