Monday, July 9, 2012

Even Goats Need a Hug

Ben and I visited Happy Hollow today, a park nearby that has a little zoo, farm animals, and rides. I grew up going there and decided to get a season pass this year. I know a lot of people think that he is too young for that but we have already gone enough to pay for it and then some. The pass also gets us discounts into other parks and zoos nearby so we have taken advantage of that as well. Anyway, even though Ben may not remember it I will remember going with him and it is so fun to see him enjoy the animals and even ride on some of the rides. Today we mainly stuck to the animals and did not stay too long before going home for a nap (which is also a nice benefit of having a pass, that you feel like you can just stop by for a little bit).

One of my favorite moments from the day...
Ben giving the goat a hug! He loves to give animals, both stuffed and alive, hugs and I think it is the most precious thing ever even if it is a smelly old goat! :)
We then took a snack break and watched the merekats.
We ended our day with bringing our good friends some dinner - I made an enchilada casserole - YUM!
Ben loved following Jeremy around - he is a year older- he was also determined to give sleeping baby Gabby a hug but Mommy played interference.
This is Ben's "face" - he knows that he is being funny. He scrunches up his nose and then breathes in and out. It is hilarious and completely adorable!

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