Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's in a Name

I had a very difficult time trying to think of a name for this blog. I would finally think of something and then it wasn't available. Then I did find one that was available and did my first post and decided that name wasn't going to work for security purposes. Back to square one. So I was trying to think of some things that I wanted this blog to be about - being a mom, crafting, ideas, etc. and all of that seemed to be pretty typical of what I have seen from blogs and figured anything in that area would be taken. Then I tried to think of something that had to do with me and thought about how the fact that I hate rollercoasters is not too common. I hate rollercoasters was already taken so I added in the really, which is pretty accurate. It was a big bummer growing up to have to sit out on rides at theme parks while all my friends enjoyed themselves. I have tried to like them, and many friends seemed to think they were going to cure me of this dilemma but it is just a fact of life - I REALLY hate rollercoasters! I cannot stand the feeling in my stomach when there are dips. It stinks, but whatcha gonna do? I just hope that my children don't follow in my footsteps - for their sake.

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