Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best Buds, Babies, and Feasts!

We started this week with a very fun day!

We had a playdate with one of Ben's best buds at Happy Hollow!

 Look!! I have a cup too!
Cruising with his buddy!

He kept pointing at Tyler - look, Ty's in here with me!
We won't be riding this one again for awhile, probably more for the mommies' sake than the boys although Ben was definitely not too happy. He was leaning over trying to get out half the ride :( he got used to it by the end but I felt super sad/stressed out for him. Especially being empathetic about not liking rides (hence the website name).
Danny the Dragon train was more up our alley! :)
We then got to go meet baby Dexter at the hospital - look at those sweet baby feet!
Tara with baby Dex.

Later we went to the Moveable Feast with our friends for dinner! We have seen this gathering of food trucks every Monday since May and have been wanting to try it out and finally got a chance.

There were about 8 food trucks and a farmer's market stand. They also provide those red buckets for you to sit on, although we saw some families that brought folding chairs as well. There was also some live music which was fun.
Getting our sandwiches from the Mayo & Mustard truck (a sandwich shop in SF - that I would highly recommend because it was delicious!!)
Ben chomping down on Daddy's sandwich. We brought his own dinner but he was more interested in our sandwiches.
Jackie and Tyler joined us for dinner and are modeling how fun it is to eat your dinner on a red bucket! :)

Ben enjoyed drumming on the bucket, trying to pick it up, and later throwing rocks in it!

Then we got cupcakes for dessert at Fairy Cakes.

Ben got his very own Ben-sized cupcake for free!

Cute sprinkles you could put on your cupcake next to their free milk.

Ben really enjoyed his cupcake until Jon took the wrapper away from him because he had started eating it. It's very devastating for Daddy to "steal" your, so glad we introduced sugar. ;)

Jon got a Boston Cream Pie cupcake and I got Salted Caramel - it was seriously the best cupcake I have ever had. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately they do not have their own shop just a truck.

 Pretty much every night, or really, any time we are at the changing table he must stand up and look out the window. It's such a fun little nook in his room and I love seeing how excited he is to look at everything outside. We point at dogs, airplanes, neighborhood walkers, blowing tree branches, cars, etc. It is a special excitement when the garbage truck comes down the street. If we are downstairs we race outside for that one.

Ben also loves to point at all of the animals and waits for me to name them for him. This was the blanket that came with his bedding and it ended up being the perfect size to be curtains for his tiny window in the changing table nook. Which was great because we were having trouble finding any cute curtains that would fit that size.
I got to sneak in a nice snuggle at the end of the night because he fell asleep on my shoulder before we got to the crib. 

What a great day!!!

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