Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fun on the Farm

It has been such a blessing that several of our good friends have kids that are about the same age as Ben and it has been so fun to go on playdates together! One place that we go to regularly, Rancho San Antonio, has a cute little farm. When we started going there the babies were confined to the strollers and were completely unaware that there were any animals there. This time it was so fun to see some of them walking around and all of them able to stand up at the fence.

Isn't this the sweetest?! The five little ones are all within a few weeks/months of each other.
Lovin' those chickens!
God made dirt, dirt don't hurt! ;)

I love that the kids are copying each other in this video and it also captures the new Ben-ism of pointing and saying "oooooh!"

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